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Email on Acid’s email previews are on live clients—not emulations—so you see exactly what your subscribers see. Using mobile, desktop, and web screenshots for exceptionally accurate results, there’s no question on what your message will look like in the inbox. By testing every email, you’ll preserve your reputation and avoid the extra work of sending an “oops” email.

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Test, test, (and retest) with our no limits testing.

With email previews and testing for every email campaign, Email on Acid will help you spot bad formatting, broken links and code problems, before your message reaches subscribers. Plus, our testing is unlimited, so you can iterate and experiment with your campaigns without additional fees.

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Streamline your testing process by
previewing on the most popular clients and devices.

With testing available on the most popular clients and devices— including Dark Mode options—we help make sure your emails are optimized, regardless of how subscribers are consuming your content.

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Dark mode optimization.

Dark mode isn’t necessarily just for accessibility purposes; it’s also used to reduce eye strain and save power. Make certain your email matches branding guidelines, images with transparent backgrounds are visible, your text is the right color and more, by testing every email with our Dark Mode previews.

Dark mode optimization

Test (and share) your
emails until they’re perfect.

Whether you work for a large brand or a digital agency, email testing can get complicated. Let Email on Acid streamline your process, making testing—and team collaboration—easier. Use our Editing tool to share test links with stakeholders, so team members and clients can easily review.

Our commenting functionality allows you to comment, edit, and review directly within the email previews for a faster and more efficient testing process.

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