Inbox Placement

Predict the performance of your emails and catch deliverability issues before they impact your business.

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Where are your emails landing?

While you have insight about whether your email was delivered or not, you have no insight into whether an email will land in the inbox, spam, or a specific tab within Gmail or other mailbox providers.

Email insights

Know before you send

With inbox placement, you can predict inbox deliverability issues and take action to improve performance before sending an email. As a proactive tool, Inbox Placement helps users increase engagement and ROI for their email program.

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Performance issues

Access the data you need to iterate and optimize

You’ll see the most accurate information on where you are performing well and which mailbox providers to focus your optimization efforts on. Do you need to tweak your subject line or are there other factors to consider? You can diagnose these issues to improve your email delivery before you send an email.

How InboxPlacement works

  1. Create Email Test
  2. Send Message to the Seed List
  3. See the Result
Inbox placement reports

View data in several ways to predict sending results

Dig into your sending data to reveal delivery rate patterns. View placement testing results as a whole, by mailbox, or by inbox service provider (Google, Outlook, Yahoo, AOL, etc.) to understand how your email may perform.

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Email service provider testing

Expert insights to improve your deliverability

Inbox placement delivers actionable insights by providing expert recommendations on how to improve overall deliverability.

Support recommendations

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